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           Ruth McCorrison

I had planned early in life to become an artist. This plan was derailed by both the need to earn a living, and by Sputnik and the ensuing space race, which channeled nerds like me into non-art careers. Nevertheless, a degree in art history, a job at the Seattle Art Museum as slide librarian, and studies at Boston's School of the Museum of Fine Arts with Andy Syrbick (painting), Matthew Boyhan (drawing), and John Radloff (graphic design)—these endeavors I tucked between software engineering day jobs.


In recent years I've been able to spend more time in the studio, working in textile art, paint, and currently, collage. My collages are assembled from the torn fragments of old paintings. I have found that the process of juxtaposing the jagged but related fragments helps me to capture the slippery essence of something in nature once observed.

Textile Art
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