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Molly mohseni

I am content to follow to its source   Every even in action or in thought:   Measure the lot: forgive myself the lot!   When such as I cast out remorse   So great a sweetness flows into the breast   That we must laugh and we must sing.   We are blessed by everything and everything is blessed.    -William Butler Yeats

I am using form to derive a sensation of space in my prints and paintings. I am interested in making marks with my hand that are directly informed by my eye. If we break down seeing to what is happening physiologically and don’t listen to our brains making sense of it, amazing insights can transpire. A deliberate and essential part of my art making process is to be fully present while I work. I have noticed that the stronger my mindfulness is while working the more presence the work of art takes on. Being fully present to sense perceptions, however nuanced, creates an object of art that more fully communicates to the viewer.

In my art making practice I strive to permeate my work with presence. I have been enjoying making monotype prints lately with elements of chine colle (collage). I am especially interested in searching out a zen like aesthetic that brings the natural world to light. My prints are made with soy based inks on cotton rag paper.


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