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Julia Bry Schwab

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I've participated widely in the worlds of art, education and mental health as an Art Therapist since 1980. My earlier career as a wilderness instructor proved to be a perfect bridge into Art Therapy. I was able to translate my experience and passion of nature's systems and their mysteries into the geography of the inner world. Masters-level training with the pioneers in the field further nourished my entry into what has become my life practice. My underlying motif has been creative play with art materials. Joining with others in this great endeavor is an infinite positive feedback loop: the more one creates, the more energy and enthusiasm one has to create.


Physical things like making a gesture, loading a big brush with paint, scrumbling thick patches every which way, digging into wet areas with obsessive scribbles, layering and layering - with different colors, with odd relics, with increased gel medium, pausing, re-committing, renewing action with more paint and then more scrapes: these are the ways I like to create. Something always happens. In the challenge to move beyond my critical self, the physicality of the body meeting the material becomes primary. Pushing back and pulling forward capture the engagement. Years in graphite, charcoal, and pastel have landed me in paint. I am home.

Particular thanks to Dr. Bernie Levy who inspired me in the dual role of Art Therapist & Artist. Do visit

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Julia Bry Schwab

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